Monday, June 6, 2011

Today, I am thankful....

for my husband - the only man who can do his job and mine, all with a smile and never complain once.  Five years ago, I knew I was marrying a good man, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I was marrying THIS good of a man.

for my mom - a second mommy to my girls.  She has such strong faith in God and is constantly positive about any situation.

for family -  we could have never chosen better parents or siblings if we had tried.  They have always been our rock through whatever life has thrown at us.

for my kids.  Every time I look into their sweet little eyes, or feel little Noah kick, I see hope.  They are pure joy to me and a sure sign that Christ is with me.

for my friends - calls, e-mails, texts, visits, food delivery, babysitters - I honestly don't know how I managed bed rest (or life for that matter) without them.  They teach me how to be a better friend to others.

AND, most importantly, for a loving God who turns even the worst situations into blessings.

I am so humbled by all the people who are here for us.
If you've ever been on bed rest, you know it's an all out mental battle with yourself.  There is nothing much I can do for myself physically, but everything I can do for myself mentally and spiritually.  Please pray that I don't lose sight of my blessings.  God is good!  


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  1. What a great post! Wish we were there to help you guys. Much love and prayers from central Texas ;-)