Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Scissor Adventures

I'm sure there will be several more stories to come under this title.  Gracie has really been getting into cutting with scissors.  It's mostly paper, but I've been waiting for the day to come when she realizes scissors can cut more than just....paper.
It was a Sunday afternoon and I had a few errands to run.  I left Josh and the girls at home knowing they would have lots of fun father daughter bonding time.  I got back home around 3:30 to find this...

While I was bent over taking the pics, I was laughing so hard I woke him up.

Poor guy!  I think he just thought Gracie was combing his hair :)  He tends to lose consciousness when someone plays with his hair.  We can't send him to the hair dressers alone.  haha - kidding!  But, he does find it very relaxing.  That same day I also found a doll who had received the same treatment.
I would never tell her this, but I think she did a decent job.  Josh's hair didn't look half bad after she was done.  Maybe Gracie will follow in her Grandma's footsteps and become a hair dresser??

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Potty time

We decided that it was time to buckle down and get serious about this potty training business.  I told myself after the holidays were over we would do it - just suck it up and do it!  And we did.  Who knew, "Let's go make tinkle noises" would do the trick!  It has been going surprisingly well.  I think she may have been pulling our leg in the past, acting like she had no idea how to use the bathroom. 

It seems the past couple of years have gone by fast.  I'm sure with every added child, it only goes faster.  She's no longer a baby that needs constant care, but a little girl that needs a helping hand every now and then.  I have to laugh every time I say, "Yay, Livi!  You're a big girl!" she always corrects me and says "No, I wittle."  Makes me thankful she's not in too big of a hurry to grow up :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thanksgiving 2010

We were so lucky to spend Thanksgiving day for the second year in a row, with Josh's family in Beaver, OK.  We all had a great time, but it's pretty rare that we don't have fun when we all get together :)
It was a beautiful drive up, and we were lucky to have the company of Grandpa Raef.  We had a shrimp boil that night, and a full blown Thanksgiving feast the following day.  We had to leave late afternoon so Josh could get back for Black Friday at the mall (woohoo - last one!!).  I only got a few pictures of our fun in Beaver...

My sisters-in-law (or is it sister-in-laws??) anyway, here are Shanna and Michelle with Michelle's little beauties Emma and Claire.

These are two of the coolest girls I know.  Maggie and  Lauren, sporting their blue highlights.  The girls always have lots to do and lots to catch up on when they get together.

Here's Livi all snuggled up with Grandpa watching a movie.  I didn't get a picture of her later that night snuggled up with Chuck, Gregg's dad, over at his house.  Too cute!

The weekend after Thanksgiving, we went to Nazareth to celebrate with my family.  We had a great time at my Grandma and Grandpa Ramaekers' and again enjoyed so much yummy food.  I love the holidays, because we are always garanteed lots of quality time with our families.  We are so blessed by them....

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Santa brought me and Josh a brand spankin' new computer for Christmas and this is my first time to sit down and play with it.  I'm trying to get used to the quiet of this new computer.  No noisy fan, no delayed noises of any kind, and no hanging it half way off my lap in fear of it overheating.  The best part is, I had it up and running and to my blog page in less than 30 seconds!  Our old computer would have taken at least 15 minutes on a good day :)
Needless to say, I am ecstatic and I hope to have more blog posts up soon about all the fun we had over the holidays.