Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sick day

Why are they just so sweet whenever they are sick?

Granted now, I do not enjoy seeing my children suffer, cleaning vomit off of the floor, or doing multiple loads of laundry on my "days off", but there is something that just brings me such joy in caring for my sick ones.
I've always thought it's God's way of slowing you down a bit, to hold that little one just a few minutes longer, to care like only a mother can.
Even though most people would think of me as crazy, I look back on today and think what a nice day it was.  Watching movies, napping, and cuddling.....sometimes that's just what being a mommy is all about.

Friday, April 29, 2011


Due to my growing belly and my inability to sit in a car for too long, Josh and I decided that the best thing for us to do regarding a vacation was a stay-cation.
We thought up all the fun things we wanted to do with the girls in the area.  We started Friday morning and headed to the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum in Canyon.  I hadn't been since I was young, and Josh has always loved the regional history and couldn't wait to introduce it to the girls.  

Well, so much for the local history - the girls favorite part of the museum was the dinosaurs.  I think they were expecting the big lifelike kind  that are currently on display at the discovery center, but these were the skeletons.  They didn't seem disappointed, and actually asked lots of questions.

Putting together dinosaur puzzles...

We had some great food over the weekend including King and I, Jason's Deli, and The Big Texan.  The Big Texan always has a fun atmosphere.  The girls loved looking at the rattle snake in the gift shop (yuck - just gave me the shivers)!  As for the was good, just way to much of it.  Texas size portions, I guess. :) 

Here's a snap shot of us leaving Jason's Deli, heading out for the movies.

To children, there is just something magical about staying in a hotel.  Nice for mom and dad too.  Cable, free breakfast, and someone to clean up after you :)  
Here's Gracie all ready for a swim!

Livi was interested in the cars down below.  She sat up on the window seal and waited patiently while I blew up her floaties.

Of course we didn't have time to do everything we would have liked, but hopefully we will be able to fit the rest of it in during the summer.

Just to wrap it up, here's a belly pic taken before Easter.  I'm about 21 weeks here.  

Everything is going well :)