Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Playing catch-up

It's usually the holidays that get us busy around here, but it's surprisingly slowing down a bit compared to our crazy October.  We had so much fun on various trips, a retreat, Halloween, and a birthday to top it off.

Josh started the month with a trip to California.  Our friends Ryan and Jordan had their first baby, Natalie, who I hear is perfect and beautiful! (Can't wait to meet her, by the way)  They asked Josh to be the godfather, so he happily accepted and was able to be at the baptism at the beginning of October.  The girls and I spent some good quality time with Grandpa and Grandma and the Brockmans.  Grandma came up and we all went to the Fair on the Square/Homecoming parade in Canyon and the carnival at St. Mary's.
Next came a boys weekend in Colorado.  Josh and his good friend Matt went up to do a little fishing and some R&R.  I know Josh has some pics on his iphone, but me being slightly computer illiterate decided he can put them up later if he wants. :)  I know they had a great time!

This next thing may be the most memorable part of the month for me.  Ever heard of a little place called Maxwell's Pumpkin' Farm?  Well, it's amazing.  And I have lots of pictures to go with it.  You know what?  I'm going to have to make it an entire post of its own.  To be continued...

The third weekend of October was my ACTS Retreat.  I thought the month was going to be too busy for it, but it couldn't have come at a better time for me.  It was just what I needed - to take a weekend out of my busy schedule and dedicate every last second to the Lord.  I really got to know Him better, and my faith is stronger.  If you have never been on one, stop dragging your heels and go (hmm, hmm Guy Raef) :)  Kidding Guy, I know it's not your thing.  But like my dad said, "If you don't think you'll like any part of heaven, you definitely should not go on this retreat."  he-he, Love my dad! 

The last trip of the month was supposed to be a business trip for Josh, but we ended up all going and making it a little family get away as well.  It was pleasant.  The drive was nice, the girls enjoyed themselves, and I'm really glad we all went.  While Josh was in his meeting, I took the girls to the San Antonio Children's Museum downtown. 

It was all good and fun until mommy got us lost walking in an unfamiliar downtown.  Livi wanted nothing to do with the stroller, and may have thrown a fit in the not so nice part of town.  I was sweating like a horse by the end of it, but we eventually made it back to the hotel. Our hotel was connected to a shopping mall, so we walked over and let Gracie pick out her birthday present.  This is what we came back with.

A Belle barbie doll.  We also got a change of clothes for Belle, which I may think twice about on the next barbie purchase.  Four year olds aren't that coordinated yet.  We proceeded to get ready for supper.  We took the girls to The Rainforest Cafe for a birthday celebration!

The staff sang happy birthday to her and had her do a crocodile chomp and bottom wiggle, which I must say was pretty darn cute.  She's a good little dancer :)

Enjoying her sunday!

 To end the trip, we took a night boat ride on the Riverwalk.  This was so nice and peaceful.  We got some good San Antonio history while the girls looked at the pretty lights and snacked on M&M's. 

San Antonio will always hold a special place in our hearts.  Josh and I honeymooned there and we will be returning for Seminar in February.  SOOOOOO excited!!

We ended the month with a fun night of trick-or-treating with our two little fairies.  We joined up with our friends, the Ramsey's, and brought in a pretty nice haul.  Praying all of our dentist check-ups are good!

I know we already did the birthday thing in San Antonio, but I just couldn't let that be enough.  Here is the big 4 year old on her big day with her most favorite breakfast, pancakes and eggs.

We had fun together making the cupcakes for the party and had a very nice evening with family.  We love you big girl and wish you many, many more happy years.


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