Sunday, October 3, 2010

A day with Daddy

Last month I had a day planned to take Livi in for her 2 yr. doctor visit.  Josh and I thought it would be fun for Gracie to go to work with daddy that morning.  We told her the day before so she could get excited about it (just like her momma likes).  You know when she is excited about something because she can't hold back the giggles.  Well, the giggles started and she immediately started asking questions, all kinds.  What are we going to do?  Who will we see?  What will I wear? etc.  Here are a few pictures of the morning.

Here's Josh and Gracie.  She decided on her cow print dress (pretty appropriate, I thought) and Josh even made her a little name-tag.

Josh secretly hopes to present this picture to her the day she becomes an operator :) 

She got to run the deposit to the bank , pick up produce at the grocery store.  She even checked on guests in the lobby and offered them a mint.  She finished up her morning work with an episode of Curious George in daddy's office. 

Overall a very fun morning for her.  Fun for daddy too! 

There are many times Josh and I just look at her and think, "Where have the last 3+ years gone?"  She's growing up fast and we are doing our best to soak it all in....


  1. Love it! How fun to go to work with Daddy :) I am sure it made a very big impression on her. You guys are such good parents - good examples for us too.

  2. What an adventure Gracie had on her "day at work with Daddy" - Sounds like she had lots of fun - Thanks for sharing this story, girl - guy

  3. Oh, my gosh!! You can see the excitement on her face!!! That is adorable-love that she knew what to wear & that she had a very official nametag!!

  4. Is there a "Brother Day" ever?